Many Thanks To
All Who Helped

For the many people who have helped us, we say, "Thank you and please know that we are eternally grateful to you."

Our wives, Trina & Jackie, Our children, Tiphany, Jordin, Jaime, and Sarah ~ without their support and encouragement we would never have taken this road to Live the Risk.

Karin  Olson & Margaret Robling ~ the best in the business when it comes to building the platform to get the message out! And just darn wonderful people.

Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Kate Irwin ~ Where we learned how to define and build our programs.

KAHRick Miller and the amazing folks at Kids At Hope ( - They taught us the definition of hopefulness and that everyone (especially children) are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!  We are so appreciative to learn how to time travel to our futures, return to the present, and plan thejourney.

To all who have encouraged, reviewed, and propagated our message we offer a shout of, "Thank you, you're the best!".

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