How to be your own BOSS and easily overcome money, time, and exhaustion that has prevented you from the taking the leap!

Live The Risk's POWER YOUR PLAN Program is the perfect solution!

  • Are you eager to get started building the life of your dreams and obtain the tools to accomplish it?
  • Are you ready to create a roadmap that aligns what you are doing today to where you want to go in the future?
  • Would you love to be supported by others who are focused on your success?

If your answers are YES, the POWER YOUR PLAN Program is for you.

Hi. This iView More: Jeff and Joel and we are the Self-Made Success Experts. We won't waste your precious time with giving you a lot of our story on how Jeff went from a 16 year career as a teacher and is now building his 3rd business which gives him the flexibility he desires... or why Joel, after leaving his President's job for a subsidiary of a fortune 100 company, has started his 4th business allowing him to never have to return to the daily grind.

We would like to share with you the process we used to escape our excuses that kept us working on someone else's dreams and not ours... are EXACTLY the same tools, processes, and methods that we share in our program.

What we continue to learn (and what our clients tell us) is that our RESULTS system allows you to visualize your success in the future and begin creating the road to get you there.  The biggest revelation for our clients has been that all dreams and positive change requires ACTION and SUPPORT.

If you would like to build your Brand Of Self Success which leads to business success and a quality of life that you desire, perhaps POWER YOUR PLAN is for you.


The Live The Risk RESULTS system is about breaking away from our comfort zone. It helps us shatter the chains of mediocrity and wandering to focus on our desired outcomes.  The system is about paving the way toward our future and being a BOSS in our own right.


Date: May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2015

Time: May 1st - 5:00pm - 9:30pm*
May 2nd - 9:00am - 7:00pm (extra time as needed)
May 3rd - 9:00am - 6:00pm (extra time as needed)

Where: Country Inn & Suites
20221 N. 29th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 879-9000

Contact hotel for room reservations & mention “Live The Risk” for best group rates.

* Dinner will be provided Friday evening

Here is what is included in the POWER YOUR PLAN program.

  • 12 module Power Your Plan home learning program

    This internet delivered online home learning program will give you the flexibility to learn the Live The Risk’s RESULTS system right in your own home (you don’t even have get dressed.) Access it anytime.
    ($997 value)

  • 2 1/2 day POWER YOUR PLAN Live Intensive in Phoenix, Az

    This is an awesome event with Jeff, Joel, and other coaches who go step-by-step through the RESULTS system and help you throughout the process! Though we would like to say it is exactly the same as the home learning program, it’s not. It is MORE! Having the personal help from us to create your Power Roadmap is worth the admission.  To gain support by others who are also furthering their lives is priceless.
    ($1997 value)

  • Entry for a friend, business partner or family member to Power Your Plan Live Intensive

    There is no doubt that change can by challenging. We continue to find that when you attend with a family member or friend who has the same desire to be their own BOSS… Your success MULTIPLIES for the simple fact that you have support from someone else on the journey when you leave the live event!
    ($1997 value)

  • Focus Alignment Model program

    This is a process that gets you started on your Brand Of Self Success quickly! The 10 online modules will provide you the tools for you to maintain focus as you begin your journey.
    ($597 value)

  • 10-Step Magnetic Goal Process Online Program

    This process was developed because Jeff and Joel both saw the same thing… if a goal wasn’t set properly, the result wasn’t achieved. Not only does a goal need to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, and Timely (SMART), a good goal needs to be clear on its impact, interaction to other goals, and expected progress. Though the #1 item that most goal setting processes leave out is that people don’t predetermine how they will celebrate the accomplishment. So the guys fixed it by creating their 10-step Magnetic Goal Process.
    ($297 value)

  • Membership in a Private POWER YOUR PLAN facebook group

    The most important part is that you are NEVER alone as you go through your journey to Be Your Own BOSS!  Jeff, Joel, coaches, and other members of POWER YOUR PLAN stay connected on the exclusive POWER YOUR PLAN facebook group.  All questions, comments, and support can be posted to the site and normally, will get responses in a couple of hours.
    (value: priceless)

Total Value:  $5885.00

Because we so believe in the RESULTS system and want as many Successful Employees to find their Brand Of Self Success, we want to share our pre-launch offer with you. Join the POWER YOUR PLAN Home Learning Program and we will gift you all of the other programs for FREE.

So just to be clear:  Join the POWER YOUR PLAN Home Learning Program today AND...

... we will gift you the 2 tickets to the POWER YOUR PLAN Live Intensive in Phoenix, Az.

... we will gift you the 10 module Focus Alignment Model online program

... we will gift you the 10-step Magnetic Goal process and online program

... we will gift you membership in the private POWER YOUR PLAN Facebook group.

So $5885 of value is now available to you for the low tuition of $997.   WOW!

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Let us say it again, total tuition for POWER YOUR PLAN Home Learning Program and all of the bonuses is:  $997

Please note that this will not be offered again... so if you are thinking about it, want to do it, and wondering if it will be good for you but still have questions or concerns... Connect with Jeff or Joel by email at or on Facebook (message us on the Live The Risk page).

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If you are ready for this kind of success with your goals and dreams register now by following the directions on this page and clicking the yellow button.  In fact, we stand so solidly behind the Power Your Plan program, we will offer to make it totally risk free for you.

Register now. Come to the Power Your Plan Live Event. Participate fully. Do all of the homework in each of the online modules. And if what we share with you doesn’t improve the way you plan your future, come back to us and we will give you your entire tuition back. And we will honor this guarantee for up to a full year from your registration! So, let us be super clear: Register for the Power Your Plan Online Home Learning program right now by following the directions below. Get those two free tickets and come to the Power Your Plan Live Event, where we will work with you, live and in person.  Participate fully to create your POWER ROADMAP. Apply the concepts and strategies for an entire year and if what we share with you doesn’t improve the way you plan your future, you just let us know and we will offer you your entire tuition back.  There is no risk to you. We stand behind our work.

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