What the heck is
Live The Risk?

It is about living life the way you always wanted, but never had the courage to pursue. It's not about taking risks for the sake of saying you live on the edge. It's about taking risks to break away from your comfort zone and get to the place you want to be in your life.

It is to break the bounds of mediocrity and wandering to focus on getting results. It is about becoming a Warrior in your own right.

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Are you ambitious, yet don't feel rewarded by what you are doing.  Do you feel like you are wandering through life vs. taking the path that you have always wanted.   Are you looking for results that are relevant to your dreams and not your daily grind.   Then this is the site for you.

Just a quick introduction,  our names are Jeff Steele and Joel Levinson, and we are both hard working family men, that got so caught up in the daily grind that we forgot to live our lives. Now, we aren't lazy or blaming others for our choices.  Both of us had real live careers doing important things. Joel was in the Fortune 500 for 26 yeas and Jeff was a High School teacher for 16 years.  We enjoyed our careers. We just wanted more.  We are sure some who are reading this probably want the same thing that we wanted:   Flexibility of time, financial freedom, and an awe inspiring life with our families and friends.

Quite frankly, we wanted to LIVE!   And we want you to Live as well.

Though, we have found that some ambitious guys (and gals) have also gotten lost in the daily grind, too.  So, we wanted to share some easy-to-read information that changed our lives and can help do the same for you, too.

First,   What the heck is Live The Risk?   Live The Risk is about living life the way you always wanted, but never had the opportunity to pursue. It’s not about taking risks for the sake of saying you live on the edge. It’s about taking risks to break away from your comfort zone and get to the place you want to be in your life.   Pretty simple.   We have broken up how to Live The Risk into  7 steps:

#1: I Want To Grow is the identification and understanding that there are two types of lives you can participate in: 1) the typical over the hill model that every generation prior to you has lived or 2) grow and learn until your last breath model. Sure, folks can tell you that there are a bunch of models and variations in-between, but in the end, are there really?  Because . . . if you are not living then you are dying.

#2: I Believe, I Can, I Am, I Will is about alignment of all of the things that make you want to grow and learn.  To put it bluntly: You need to make sure that the Dreams, Passions, Purpose, and Vision of your own life are aligned and pointed in the same direction. Without alignment and direction every step you take may NOT give you the life that you deserve.

#3: No One Wants This More Than Me contains the personal tools that you will need to complete your mission. This includes anchors and sails (hey, we like boats). Think of anchors as the things that hold you in place and sails as the things that propel you forward. A boat needs both, but too much of any one thing and the boat either won’t move or will sail out of control. Anchors are absolutes, fears, perceptions, and expectations that we hold near and dear to our hearts and keep us safe. Sails are the tools you need to keep moving in a direction of your choosing.

We will be spending time in making sure that you are spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and perceptually aware of what is going on. Now we are not assuming that everyone has to be a Zen master and we don’t expect everyone to have a clear handle on this part of his or her life. We know from our own personal experience that without balance of our inner self, our outer self doesn’t handle anything well. We’re not talking about some mumbo jumbo poufy thing or a new exercise program. We’re talking about the simple fact that we, as human beings, spend a significant amount of time out of balance. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are often in no condition to help us achieve our current mission, let alone our future vision. That must change.

#4: I Will Eliminate All Obstacles is all about those pesky little defenses that stand in your way. This section includes the basic natural barriers that our bodies impose on us (i.e. that gut feeling, that nagging issue, or headache from stress). Most of the areas are actually healthy for you – they keep you out of big trouble, if you listen – while some, such as the limbic region of the brain, which controls fight, flight or freeze, sometimes get in the way of a perfectly good time. The limbic region actually becomes invoked without you even thinking about what it’s stopping; it’s designed that way.

The other area includes the manufactured defenses that you create all by yourself (yes, you!). We don’t know why anybody would be scared of a drop of liquid gold in a bucket. It’s a drop. But for some it’s a tsunami – a giant-sized tidal wave that is going to wash out their existence. We want to hit this area head on. We want any problem to be removed before it hampers what you want. From personal experience this was the biggest area of growth for both authors, the reason being that it’s easy to hide when you give yourself the opportunity. If what you want is strong enough, then you need not let anything get in your way. We will expand our conversation on the natural defenses that our bodies create (i.e. the limbic system) and make sure that you are aware of the manufactured defenses so you’ll know how to deal with them. The expectation is that nothing you can control will interfere with your mission to obtain your dreams.

#5: It Is All About The Choices I Make is having a clear and concise view of how your choices connect to your past and future steps. It’s to create your immediate plan to give you direction on how you are going to get where you want to go. Plans can’t be cursory; they must be specific, detailed, timely, measurable, and attainable. They need to show the interconnection between the past, present, and future activities, and they need to describe the results that you want and how they will impact your future. This is a major area that most conversations gloss over. What are the expected results that you want and demand of yourself?

The steps that you take are not expected to be a “write it once and never look at it again” moment. Each of the processes that we will show you will be ones that you will hopefully want to update on a day-in, day-out basis. Remember, it takes a significant amount of energy to make positive change. It’s going to take a lot to channel the exothermic reaction to power you while you’re attempting to plan, execute, and obtain your results.

#6: Small Stones Build Big Pyramids is actually the first piece of the model that we created. This section was the catalyst for everything else we wrote in this book. It was the answer to not only what we have dealt with personally, but also our solution to halt the limbic region of our brain from taking over the rest of our mental capacity and preventing us from doing what we needed to do. Every part of our progress has been attributed to understanding that thinking is useless if not followed by actions. Put up or shut up! How simple, and yet so difficult.

Even if you abandon everything else we have and will discuss, having a clear understanding of this section alone will give you the ability to follow through and make some progress. This portion of the model contains the actions to deliver your mission. Remember, if you are not living you are dying, and the only way to live is to grow. These actions, regardless of success or failure, are very critical to your growth; they are the building blocks to construct that stairway to your dreams. Our expectation is that you won’t see the actions that you are required to take as big. They should be nothing more than many small steps. Each action should build on the previous one.

#7: Continually REACH In Order to Live is last, but not least. Simply put: to grow and improve means your actions compound like interest at the bank, but with a much higher interest rate. The goal is to determine what is worth doing permanently (yes, as in forever!). Trust us, we’re talking from experience; we had to learn to make new and different habits our permanent choices in how we were going to live our lives. We had to rebuild our habits in exercise, money, business, and play. We know, it sounds kind of basic to say, “eliminate what hasn’t worked and repeat what has been found to be successful,” but it’s true.

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