Thank you for finding the LIVE THE RISK website, though we are continually making changes...  this next one is a BIG ONE! 

This site is going away (at least in its current form!)

The good news is that you aren't going to lose us. We are just going to concentrate on helping everyone to obtain the life they want, to get the freedom they desire, and to achieve the wealth they want to obtain through the #1 wealth-building method in America:

It's how we did it and we want to share it with you.

Just to be clear it's an educational site for buying, funding, negotiating, holding, renting, renovating, flipping, and selling real estate. It is dedicated to the information that you require, need and want to change the odds in your favor and break the traditional model of trading one hour of your time for one hour of pay.

So please join us at our new site, the "REBELS OF REAL ESTATE".
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(Oh that is what we look like... Really...)

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