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Do you know a frustrated, yet successful employee who is sick and tired of working for "The Man." They have devoted their time, energy, and knowledge to bringing someone else's dreams alive, just not their own. They have been wanting to be their own boss for years but something is stopping them from making the leap!

We have the solution!

How To Be Your Own BOSS

The Live The Risk RESULTS system is about breaking away from our comfort zone. It helps us shatter the chains of mediocrity and wandering to focus on our desired outcomes.  The system is about paving the way toward our future and being a BOSS in our own right.

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Excuses hold people back. This is a book on how to follow your passion to success. It's a well-though approach on how to do what you are passionate about, how to drive through challenges, and do those things that make you feel alive.

Byran Z.

A wonderful book that explains, outlines, and gives practical instructions for anyone who is unhappy with their current status and does not know how to change their life.

Miriam G.

I'm not a huge fan of self-help, but this book has a lot of tips and suggestions that were helpful in getting me back on track. I will be referring back to this incredible experience working with Jeff and Joel.   Not only was I able to finally leave my job, I am now the owner of my own company.

Mike Datama, Arizona Reality Specialists

Finding the concepts to be very helpful and the exercises to really be helping me have a deeper appreciation!!!

Jeanette R.

Starting February First, I am all about Living the Risk. No more excuses! Great motivating material that can been used by anyone, anytime and become a "LIFESTYLE" I loved the book, and the help it supplies to revaluate where I am headed. Thank You.